Frank Stringfellow Camp #822
A Southern Alternative in Northern Virginia

A Link to our fraternal organization
"The Military Order of Stars & Bars"

Some links to our sister organization
"The United Daughters of the Confederacy" (UDC):

Their headquarters web site
Their Virginia division
The Laura Ratcliffe Chapter 2639, McLean, Va.
Fairfax Chapter #1410 fairfax1410/

Two links to our brothers and sisters from the other side of the mid-19th century conflict:
"Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War" (SUVCW) 
"Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War" (DUVCW)

Some links to organizations for the descendents of the American Revolution:
For Men:
"The Sons of the American Revolution" (SAR)
 For Ladies:
"The Daughters of the American Revolution" (DAR)
And for those under the age of 21:
"The Children of the American Revolution" (CAR)

A Calendar of events commemorating the Civil War

Not every Confederate Soldier fit the Stereotype of being a
'WASP' (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant)
Below is a link to Confederate Soldiers who were NOT:

Black Americans in the Confederate Navy & Marine Corp

150 armed black Confederates join attack on Union train in Vienna, VA. (Note: this site can be found on the Washington and Old Dominion Trail just east of the Vienna Recreation Center):

Some Confederates were NOT Protestant.
Some were Roman Catholic:

Some were Eastern Orthodox Christians:

And some were Jewish:

Some Commemorative dates for Confederate heritage:

The only major battle fought in Fairfax County;
variously known as Ox Hill or Chantilly:

Timeline of Fairfax County in the War Between the States:

An article by Richard Hines, commander of the Jefferson Davis Camp No. 305 Sons of Confederate Veterans, Virginia Division, concerning the debate in Virginia over the cause of the war and celebrating our heritage today in the Old Dominion. An intriguing article with supporting and opposing comments:

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